The Fresno Center’s Mobile Mental Health Unit Launch Event

Press Release Date:
May 05, 2021


The Fresno Center engaged in a partnership with Anthem Blue Cross, who funded a mobile mental health service office that can be driven to any rural area and provides consumers with a safe place to receive mental health services while maintaining their privacy. The retrofit van will be capable of connecting vulnerable populations with access to healthcare, information, education, and critical services, such as telehealth, food, case management, screenings, vaccinations, and more.

The mobile unit will support high quality integrative behavioral health services; especially for patients in rural areas and those youth to adults who may be struggling to get behavioral healthcare through traditional means because of issues such as transportation, family obligations, or changeable work schedules.

Pao Yang says, “access to and utilization of mental health services have been a long-time issue seen in many communities, but particularly among our community of color in rural part of Fresno County. These individuals are disproportionately affected by persistent, and often increasing, health disparities. We are very grateful for the support of Anthem.”